CM 74

Capable of grinding standard chamfered edges on multi-crystalline silicon ingots, the CM74 is aimed at high volume manufacture and is a perfect complement for the TS2 Surface Grinding machine in a cellular manufacturing environment. The machine addresses the need for superior surface finish on chamfers by utilising multiple spindles to grind all four chamfers simultaneously thus allowing for a substantially slower linear in feed rate. The CM74 retains the ability to operate within an automated production environment and includes a handling interface for component exchange with a factory automation system.



  • Four Spindle Simultaneous Grinding for reduced cycle time
  • Low cutting forces result in reduced sub-surface damage for improved wafer yield
  • Full CNC control system for ultimate machine flexibility
  • Optional Laser measuring system for in-process component inspection
  • Cost effective solution for high capacity when utilised with Abwood TS2 Surface Grinding Machine


Increased Yield

By using four grinding spindles simultaneously, the CM74 is able to grind chamfer edges at a reduced linear feedrate. In addition to this, the use of high frequency spindles combined with ultra fine diamond grinding wheels results in superior surface finish and reduced sub-surface damage thus maximising potential wafer yield.



Workpiece Material

Work Process

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions

Minimum Workpiece Dimensions

Machine Dimensions

Machine Weight

Connection Capacity


Compressed Air Requirement


Approximate Capacity

CM 74

Multi Crystalline Silicon


210mm x 210mm x 250mm

125mm x 125mm x 150mm

2000mm x 1200mm x 2000mm

Approx. 2000kg

6 kW

400V/50Hz; 480V/60Hz

5-7 bar