The SS2Q is the latest offering in the range of automatic grinding machines for the photovoltaic industry from Abwood Machine Tools. The new design is primarily aimed at start up companies with low capital expenditure and low Cost of Ownership figures. The SS2Q retains the ability of other Abwood PV grinders to operate within an automated production environment and includes a handling interface for component exchange with a factory automation system.



  • Single Spindle featuring combined coarse and fine grinding reduces cost whilst maintaining capacity
  • Side Face & Chamfer Grinding in one process
  • Synthetic Granitan base for improved thermal stability for highest dimensional accuracy and surface finish
  • Full CNC control system for ultimate machine flexibility
  • Integrated Laser measuring system for in-process component inspection
  • Dedicated loading system to maximise cutting time


Easy Integration

The small footprint of the SS2Q allows for easy integration into new or existing brick processing lines and the low utility requirements and long lasting grinding wheels ensure operating costs are kept to a minimum. The standard interface of Ethernet and Profibus including Profisafe allow for easy integration into factory automation and logging systems.



Workpiece Material

Work Process

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions

Minimum Workpiece Dimensions

Machine Dimensions

Machine Weight

Connection Capacity


Compressed Air Requirement


Approximate Capacity


Multi or Mono Crystalline Silicon

Flat Grinding & Chamfering

210mm x 210mm x 600mm

156mm x 156mm x 150mm

2200mm x 1800mm x 2000mm excluding cabinet

Approx. 7000kg

12 kW

400V/50Hz; 480V/60Hz

5-7 bar