TS 3

The TS3 continues the development of twin spindle surface grinders for multi-crystalline silicon. The new design addresses the need for side face and chamfer grinding in one machine whilst increasing capacity up to a maximum block length of 400mm. The machine is designed to operate within an automated production environment and includes a handling interface for component exchange with a factory automation system. With this requirement in mind, the machine is self adjusting and is capable of running in a 24hr production environment with minimal operator intervention.



  • Side Face and Chamfer Grinding in one process
  • Synthetic Granitan base for improved thermal stability for highest dimensional accuracy and surface finish
  • Full CNC control system for ultimate machine flexibility
  • Integrated Laser measuring system for in-process component inspection
  • Dedicated loading system to maximise cutting time


Greater Flexibility

The built in automation within the TS3 grinding machine allows for blocks of differing formats or lengths to be processed without operator intervention. This coupled with the ability to face grind and chamfer in one process offers an extremely flexible surface finishing solution.


Workpiece Material

Work Process

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions

Minimum Workpiece Dimensions

Machine Dimensions

Machine Weight

Connection Capacity


Compressed Air Requirement


Approximate Capacity

TS 3

Multi Crystalline Silicon

Flat Grinding & Chamfering

210mm x 210mm x 300mm

125mm x 125mm x 150mm

2300mm x 2100mm x 2000mm

Approx. 10000kg

7 kW

400V/50Hz; 480V/60Hz

5-7 bar