TS 5

The Abwood TS5 has revolutionised the grinding process for mono-crystalline silicon ingots. Following on from the existing range of twin spindle surface grinders for multi-crystalline silicon, the new design offers the capability of flat face grinding and radius or flat corner grinding in one process. The machine is capable of handling ingot sizes 125mm square, 156mm square and 210mm square and is self adjusting for lengths from 150mm up to 1020mm.



  • Twin Spindle Design utilising rough and fine grinding wheels for reduced cycle time and ultimate surface finish
  • Side Face and Round or flat Corner Grinding in one process
  • Synthetic Granitan base for improved thermal stability for highest dimensional accuracy and surface finish
  • Full CNC control system for ultimate machine flexibility
  • Integrated Laser measuring system for in-process component inspection
  • Integrated Laser Tool measuring for improved wheel changeover times
  • Self adjusting, dedicated loading system to maximise cutting time
  • Option for conveyor feed for integration into existing Automation


Flat and Radius Corner Grinding In One Process

An automatic block end support provides the ability to compensate for varying block lengths whilst providing the work holding for each end of the ingot during flat grinding and corner grinding. During radius corner grinding, the block is rotated to ensure consistent form and dimension of each individual corner.


Workpiece Material

Work Process

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions

Minimum Workpiece Dimensions

Machine Dimensions

Machine Weight

Connection Capacity


Compressed Air Requirement


Approximate Capacity

TS 5

Mono Crystalline Silicon

Flat Grinding, Flat Chamfer or Radius Corner

210mm x 210mm x 1020mm

125mm x 125mm x 150mm

3500mm x 2200mm x 2200mm

Approx. 10000kg

9 kW

400V/50Hz; 480V/60Hz

5-7 bar