RG 2

The RG2 is the latest design in the range of rotary tabled surface grinding machine range from Abwood Machine Tools. Featuring a full CNC control with customised grinding canned cycles it is possible to achieve highest component accuracy with minimal operator knowledge. Available in table diameters from 800mm to 1200mm and capable of using grinding wheels up to 500mm diameter the RG2 surface grinder offers an extremely high capacity in spite of the small footprint.



  • Full GE Fanuc or Siemens CNC control
  • Standard Grinding canned cycles for ease of operation
  • Fully enclosed guard and mist extraction fulfil the latest HSE requirements
  • Gap elimination for automatic component touch-on as standard
  • Constant surface speed for table to ensure optimal surface finish on large annulus components


High Productivity

The benefits of rotary tabled surface grinding machines are often overlooked by process engineers. As well as being the only solution for cylindrical parts, the RG2 is well suited to spread grinding of small components. Due to the high surface speed of the rotary table, higher material removal rates and decreased cycle times are just some of the benefits over conventional surface grinding machines.



Workpiece Material

Work Process

Maximum Workpiece Diameter

Minimum Workpiece Height

Machine Dimensions

Machine Weight

Connection Capacity


Compressed Air Requirement


RG 2





3000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm

Approx. 12000kg

21 kW

400V/50Hz; 480V/60Hz

5-7 bar

Re-circulating coolant system dependant on application